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We are developing research-driven farming solutions grounded in the principles of both ecology and sustainability, acknowledging that not all ecological production approaches are inherently sustainable.

At the center of our innovative approach is the practice of multi-year crop rotation, a strategy designed to:

enrich the soil

reduce weeds, pests, and diseases

increase overall farm productivity

Currently, we are implementing 3- and 4-year crop rotations, and our goal is to achieve a 7- and 8-year crop rotation.

Peas are at the core of our sustainable approach because of their nitrogen-fixing qualities. Traditionally, agriculture has relied heavily on synthetic fertilizers, causing considerable environmental harm. We have introduced legumes into our agricultural rotations as a way of producing our own nitrogen in the form of green manure. Employing legumes as green manure offers a viable alternative – live-stock free farming that provides subsequent crops with a natural source of nitrogen.

Our Agro R&D team develops sustainable projects and concepts utilizing field trials.

Once we successfully validate each project, we implement it on our 3,500 ha organically certified farm. Our goal is to make sustainable farming accessible to all, and to help drive the transition towards a greener and more resilient food system.

A total of 6,000 tons of organically produced crops annually demonstrates that we are on the right track.

In addition, we utilize the farm as a platform to develop and test our farming software. We are the only large-scale farm that has its own software development team, and the only software development team that has its own farm.

Once we’ve proven the effectiveness of our farming solutions, we’ll make them available to everyone for free.

Our goal is to make sustainable farming accessible to all, to help drive the transition towards a greener and more resilient food system.


Closing the Research Gaps in Sustainable Farming

December 4, 2023

Our approach is grounded in two key principles that form the foundation of our research methodology: bibliometric research and statistically designed trials.

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LoginEKO’s Advanced Chatbot: Bridging Agriculture and AI

October 31, 2023

Our Advanced Chatbot is an AI tool that is transforming our approach to farming and helping to optimize processes and promote sustainable practices.

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Ground Moving for Crop Yield Maximization

October 23, 2023

Check out our unique approach to combating water buildup on fields. Unlike traditional methods that flatten terrain and disrupt soil ecosystems, we prioritize preserving the natural landscape and its microorganisms.

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