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We are tackling the challenges in our food system holistically from our 3,500 ha farm to the table. Since this transformation is complex, we believe it can only be achieved by applying data-based technology to every part of the food chain. In this way, ensuring food safety and healthy food for everyone.

We are creating sustainable solutions for every part of the food system:

Plant-based sustainable farming

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Farming software

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Food development




Once we have proven our solutions work, we will offer them for free to facilitate the transition to sustainable food system.


Our aim is to shape the future of agriculture, for generations to come.

Current agricultural methods not only cause chronic human health problems like obesity and diseases related to pesticides and use of antibiotics, they create enormous environmental impact; from climate change, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity to soil degradation, waste and all round pollution. Therefore we need to develop new sustainable and ecological large-scale farming practices which will ensure the well-being of our natural habitats and people.


Developing ecologically sound and sustainable methods of crop production for human consumption, which would serve as a role model for agriculture on a mass-scale applicable worldwide, is just what we have set out to do on our 4,000 hectares of fertile farmland in Serbia.


With our model of organic farming we also wish to set an example which will attract the local population, inspire them towards healthier nutritional habits and new perspectives on sustainable farming practices, which will in the long-run be transferred to and adopted by the next generations.

This kind of shift in agricultural paradigm will bring a considerable and vital social change for the entire local community.

Moreover, it presents new employment opportunities and other economic benefits that could reduce the issues related to emigration.

In short, the vision of this ambitious project is to establish a large-scale nature-friendly farming method, which will at the same time ensure the well-being of our environment, ecosystems and people.

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We are always looking for motivated people who share our enthusiasm and vision: to grow the most sustainable and healthy produce nature can provide, deliver a positive impact on the environment, and inspire change in the entire agricultural industry

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Our large-scale sustainable farming project is based on ecological processes, biodiversity and crop cycles adapted to local conditions. It avoids the input of substances that have any harmful effects. The approach combines tradition, innovation and science, while promoting fair trade and a high quality of life for all stakeholders.

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