We are tackling the challenges in our food system from our 3,700 ha organically-certified farm to your table. We want to ensure healthy food for everyone for generations to come.

We are creating solutions to facilitate the transition to a sustainable food system:

Sustainable Farming

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Farming Software

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Food Development

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We will share all of our knowledge, software, and tools for free when they have proven effective.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to transforming the entire food system to a sustainable one. For generations to come.

Jobs atLoginEKO

We are always looking for motivated people who share our enthusiasm and vision: to grow the most sustainable and healthy produce nature can provide, deliver a positive impact on the environment, and inspire change in the entire agricultural industry.



Green Claims Directive: An end to a greenwashing era?

June 18, 2024

Addressing greenwashing with rules on environmental claims is good, but full traceability could be the key to improving consumer trust.

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Organic crop storage – the fight continues

June 11, 2024

Combining cooling with some innovative methods is what makes our silos sustainable.

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Optimizing Crop Treatment: A Comprehensive Scouting Protocol

June 5, 2024

Our scouting protocol is underpinned by observation and evaluation required for effective organic agricultural practices.

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