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We are tackling the challenges in our food system from our 3,500 ha organically certified farm to the table. We want to ensure healthy food for everyone for generations to come.

We are creating sustainable solutions for every part of the food system:

Sustainable farming

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Farming software

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Food development

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Once we have proven our solutions work, we will offer them for free to facilitate the transition to sustainable food system.


We are dedicated to transforming the entire food system to a sustainable one. For generations to come.

Jobs atLoginEKO

We are always looking for motivated people who share our enthusiasm and vision: to grow the most sustainable and healthy produce nature can provide, deliver a positive impact on the environment, and inspire change in the entire agricultural industry


Exploring Biodynamic Product Innovations

September 18, 2023

Explore biodynamic product innovations and discover how they nurture soil and plants. Join us as we refine preservation methods, enhance packaging, and initiate preparation tests.

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Future of Precision Agriculture: Analyzing Crop Growth with Drone 3D Models

September 4, 2023

The fusion of drone technology and data analysis has led to significant advancements in precision agriculture to transform the way we monitor, analyze, and optimize crop growth.

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Njamito’s Summer Vibe Check

September 2, 2023

We wanted to see if our assumptions about who’s going to be hyped for Njamito were correct. Here’s how we went about it and what we found out.

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