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Unlock the Future of Farming with Data-driven Farming Software

We’re crafting a data-driven approach to sustainable agriculture and working to simplify and automate farmers’ daily tasks. This enables them to effortlessly gather and analyze invaluable data to make informed decisions.

Our Farming Software encompasses the full spectrum of agricultural operations, from planning, scheduling, and executing field activities to processing, storage, and beyond.

We are the only large-scale farm that has its own software development team, and the only software development team that has its own farm. Agronomists, field workers, warehousemen, and other stakeholders can easily work together to ensure that our software meets real-world needs.

Efficiently plan the next sowing season by applying predefined crop templates. Schedule tasks with precision, assign them to specific vehicles, implements, drivers, and shifts.

Dispatch detailed work order instructions to the machine operator through a mobile app. Log real-time operation progress, fuel consumption, and material handling.

Optimize warehouse activities and achieve comprehensive inventory tracking. Have seamless data exchange with other farming software modules and 3rd-party systems.

Ensure full traceability throughout the agricultural process with comprehensive tracking of materials from warehouse to fields, monitoring all operations, and defining unique serial and LOT identifiers for harvested crops.

Our Farming Software

interconnected SOFTWARE MODULES

Interconnected software modules and data from diverse sources empower farmers and agricultural professionals to:

optimize field operations

enable traceability

enhance productivity

actively contribute to the sustainable growth of organic farming practices

We are currently fine-tuning and testing the software on our own fields.

Once we’re confident in its effectiveness, we’ll be offering it to other farmers for free.



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