Sustainable agriculture at the heart of discussions at Wageningen University

25th October 2022

September/October 2022


LoginEKO agronomists visited Wageningen University & Research and met with Mariana Debernardini, the representative of the Lighthouse Farm Network, to discuss green manure research and sustainable agricultural practices.

Our team also met with researchers Wijnand Sukkel, Derk van Balen, and Lennart Fuchs to deep dive into topics ranging from agroecology and technology, resilient and regenerative farming, cover crops, strip cropping, to controlled traffic, and agroforestry.

The LoginEKO team presented an outline of our model for sustainable agriculture, which proved to be of great interest for Dutch agronomists, who saw it as an important step towards “farming of the future”.

The team had an opportunity to visit WUR plots and a commercial organic vegetable farm ERF where they discussed with its manager Roy Michielsen.


In our quest to develop sustainable solutions for farmers, LoginEKO seeks to partner with leading research institutions, commercial farms, and networks of like-minded farms to circulate knowledge, gain experience and test our sustainable models in different climates.

By working together we can create solutions that will benefit farmers, governments, food producers and consumers, and revolutionize the food system.

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