For successful agricultural activities, planning and executing field operations on time is vital.

With our Field Operations software module, we simplified this process by eliminating the challenges of manual tracking. Our module enables agronomists, planners, and machinery operators to efficiently plan and track field operations in a fast and simple way. The Field Operations software module optimizes resource allocation, enhances workflows, and provides valuable insights into location data, machinery usage, material flow, and much more using state-of-the-art technologies.


Efficient planning is vital for successful agriculture. Our Farming software streamlines the planning process for the upcoming sowing season. With our user-friendly interface, planners can easily select fields, apply predefined crop templates, and access optimized data from our database.

These customizable templates, typically defined by agronomists, provide optimal date ranges, implements, and materials for a comprehensive series of field operations including land preparation, sowing, scouting, weed control, fertilizing, plant protection, monitoring, and harvesting. Once the template is applied, our software generates a precise chain of operations for each field.

Easy field
operations managing

Adaptability is essential in agriculture. Our Planning component enables effective management of all planned operations, ensuring optimal outcomes even in changing circumstances. Users can modify operation dates, adjust the order, add or cancel operations, and modify implements or materials, while maintaining flexibility  throughout the process. The Planning module provides real-time insights through the Weekly summary table, simplifying monitoring and informed decision-making.

Task Scheduling

When the time comes to bring the meticulously planned operations to life in the fields, the planner takes the reins and schedules the operations in detail: assigning tasks to specific vehicles and implements, carefully planning the day, shift, and drivers to ensure smooth execution. Our Task scheduling feature makes it child’s play.

Task execution

After the task for field operations is scheduled, the machine operator receives a work order through their Work Orders mobile application. This work order includes precise instructions and information for task execution, including the location, assigned vehicle and implement, field area, designated material, and the shift in which the operation should be carried out. When materials are required for an operation, the Work Orders application communicates with our Warehouse system to ensure the timely loading of the necessary materials.

Equipped with all the necessary resources, the tractor operator can commence the operation in the field.

Throughout the execution, our Work Orders mobile app enables real-time tracking of essential data. This includes monitoring the time spent on the operation, fuel consumption, any delays encountered, and tracking of material flow.

Data verification

As our goal is to support agronomists and farm managers in enhancing decision-making through reliable data, we’ve developed modules for Task and Material verification. These modules focus on improving data precision and reliability by automatically connecting all gathered fieldwork data, identifying potential issues, and facilitating manual data correction. This process ensures heightened accuracy in tracking all resources used, enabling informed decision-making and providing top-notch traceability for our products with minimal effort.

We’re currently fine-tuning and testing the software on our own fields.

Once we’re confident in its effectiveness, we’ll be offering it to other farmers for free.