Inventory Overview

Our software is designed specifically for the agricultural sector, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique inventory management needs.

Our software offers a comprehensive overview of all inventory transactions, allowing you to closely supervise all material and product flows, including but not limited by: receiving from seller, dispatching to field, harvesting from field, dispatching to buyers, movements inside the processing lines, and many more. Each item in our warehouse is meticulously tracked using unique serial and lot numbers, with the option to track as well by production and expiration dates.

We cater to different roles within the agricultural industry, including

Our Warehouse Software provides customized features and functionalities that enhance inventory control on your farm.

To enhance workflow efficiency, our Warehouse Software is available as both a web application and a mobile application.

The web application streamlines office tasks like scheduling dispatch or receiving orders and inventory overview.

While the mobile application empowers warehouse staff to handle inventory seamlessly on the go.

All data gathered is as well automatically sent to accounting software, which ensures the integrity of financial data, providing reliable and precise information.

Materials Management

Our warehouses store various seeds for food crops and cover crops, alongside plant protection agents and soil quality enhancers used in the fields.

When field operations require materials, warehousemen dispatch them to the field, either on a pre-scheduled request or ad hoc.

Tractor driver

Tractor drivers confirm the loading of materials onto their trailers using our mobile app. Our mobile applications track inventory changes through digital transactions, ensuring accurate monitoring of materials from storage and transportation to usage on the fields and returning back from the fields.

Products management and delivery to Customers

During harvest season, the warehouses buzz with activity as products from the fields arrive and are tracked using our Farming software.

Upon warehouse entry, a digital transaction with field operators ensures a valid process. Products are then cleaned and processed, either packed into labeled packages or stored in bulk silos.

Our software generates unique serial numbers and lots for packaging, and it includes merging detection for added efficiency. Traders benefit from an up-to-date inventory list, enabling timely insights into stock availability for better sales management. When a delivery is agreed upon, traders use our web application to schedule it, providing customer information and all other needed dispatch details.

The dispatch order is sent to warehouse operators via their mobile app, where they finalize the delivery by scanning labeled products. The data from this transfer is automatically fed into financial software, generating and sending invoices to customers seamlessly.

Emphasizing Transparency: Maximizing Traceability with our Farming Software

Our Farming Software prioritizes transparency and maximizes traceability throughout the entire agricultural process. We maintain close monitoring of materials, tracking their journey from the warehouse to the fields.

We comprehensively track field operations, ensuring complete visibility at every stage. To further enhance traceability, we define unique serial and lot numbers for materials and harvested products. Our software adheres to organic production rules and labeling standards, guaranteeing traceability in both warehouses and on the fields.

This level of traceability provides us with the capability to offer end customers a comprehensive product profile in the form of a traceability report. Through this farm gains visibility and trust, and buyers get valuable insights into the origins and journey of harvested products, fostering trust and confidence in quality and integrity.

We’re currently fine-tuning and testing the software on our own fields.

Once we’re confident in its effectiveness, we’ll be offering it to other farmers for free.