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Transforming Agriculture: Sustainable Intercropping Wheat Trial Yields High-Quality Food

July 31, 2023

Explore the progress of our field trial of intercropping wheat with perennial legumes aimed at ensuring sustainable, organic, and animal-free nitrogen for the next crop.

Welcome to the LoginEKO trial field in Mužlja, where a small but impactful transformation is taking place in the world of agriculture. We are excited to share the progress of intercropping wheat with annual and perennial legumes, an experiment aimed at ensuring sustainable and organic nitrogen supply for the next crop, which is in our case sunflower.

The Sustainable Farming Experiment

At LoginEKO, we firmly believe in promoting sustainable agricultural practices that minimize environmental impact while ensuring sufficient yields. Our current intercropping wheat trial with perennial legumes is a testament to this commitment.

The basic idea behind this experiment is to harness the nitrogen-fixing capabilities of annual and perennial legumes, such as pea, clover and alfalfa, to enrich the soil with organic nitrogen. This enriched soil will then be the foundation for our next crop, sunflowers.

To ensure the success of our intercropping experiment, we enlisted the help of the state-of-the-art ZÜRN Plotharvester. While it is a small, yet high-priced combine harvester, it is equipped with advanced technology that provides us with highly accurate data.

We can precisely measure the mass, yield, moisture, and hectoliter mass of our wheat grains. This data not only helps us optimize our current intercropping strategy, but also aids in making informed decisions about future crops.

A Step Towards Independence

By harnessing the natural nitrogen-fixing abilities of legumes, we are taking a significant step towards achieving independence from the application of mineral fertilizers. This move holds the potential to reduce our environmental impact significantly. Avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers not only helps preserve the quality of the soil, but also protects the surrounding ecosystem, including groundwater and wildlife.

A Sustainable Supply of Nitrogen

One of the key benefits of our intercropping wheat trial is the sustainable supply of nitrogen it provides. Organic nitrogen enriches the soil, promoting healthy plant growth, and enhancing crop yields.

Promoting Quality Food Production

At LoginEKO, our mission goes beyond just sustainable farming; we are dedicated to transforming the whole food system. This includes producing high-quality and healthy food, as well. By adopting these innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, we ensure that our crops are nutrient-rich, free from harmful chemicals, and contribute to the overall well-being of people, as well as the planet.


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