LoginEKO Technology in Organic Crop Production

LoginEKO’s fields tell a tale of organic farming using our own smart software.

It’s corn harvest time in Vojvodina, and our fields showcase once again how leveraging technology in agriculture can reshape the way we produce food. Our sustainable approach to corn production is underpinned by our software, setting an example for what the future of farming can look like.

The Role of Technology

Our farm stretches across 3,700 organically certified hectares, of which, in 2023, 73.32 ha were used for corn (and 1.67 ha for popcorn), utilizing technology to transform the way farmers plan, organize, and execute their activities. The integration of our advanced software collects and analyzes data over the years, providing valuable insights into the potential of each field. This technological solution allows for a more informed decision-making process, especially when it comes to selecting plots for corn production.

The ‘Field Potential Index’

One of the key metrics guiding farmers in their quest for optimal corn production is the ‘Field Potential Index.’ This comprehensive index takes into account various factors, though primarily focusing on the provision of the plot with nitrogen, weed population, and the pH value of the soil. This data-driven approach enables our farmers to make rational decisions when choosing the field to grow corn. After beta testing, we will make the solution available for free to everybody.

Balancing Yield and Health

While conventional production methods often boast higher yields, the corn that grows on LoginEKO fields does so without the use of pesticides, prioritizing crop and soil health, as well as the well-being of the people who will enjoy the end product.

Our commitment to organic farming extends beyond a pesticide-free approach. All corn produced on LoginEKO fields is food for people, not animal feed. This approach ensures that every ear of corn harvested is not only free from harmful substances, but also part of a broader effort to create a healthier and more environmentally friendly food system.

The Quest for Improvement

Agronomists and farmers working at our farm in Vojvodina continuously explore new solutions and methodologies that will further elevate the efficiency and sustainability of their practices. The ultimate goal is to share these advancements with fellow farmers for free.


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