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Hot Oats, Summer in the City: Food Development Team’s Visit to Our Fields in Serbia

July 24, 2023

Our food development team based in Slovenia has just returned from an amazing tour around at our fields in Serbia. Boy, it was hot! Especially the scorching summer temperatures in Vojvodina 🙂 We wanted to check first hand how the summer harvest of cereals on our fields was progressing and look into what crops we could use as ingredients in our consumer products.

We also wanted to share great news with our colleagues located in Serbia about our ‘Meal in a Bottle’ product, for which we have recently successfully organized large scale production with our external partner in Slovenia.

To celebrate this, we have brought a bunch of our meal in a bottle products from the first large scale production run and distributed them to our busy harvest team in Serbia.

Our Meal in a Bottle provided energy on the go to keep them going strong even when working in the fields for long hours. Harvesting 3,557 tons of cereals is no joke! And the tractors are not the only ones who need fuel :-).

We were happy to learn that this year’s organic oat crop is looking fab. Our storage & processing team in Serbia has prepared raw oat samples for us. We recently found processing partners in Slovenia and Germany who are going to help us turn our oats into an ingredient ready for the production of our meal in a bottle.

The trip was really inspiring and the whole team is ready to fly . . . and bring our Meal in a Bottle product to market as soon as possible. Sooner than you think 😀, so stay tuned for further updates.


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