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Celebrating Harvest Season with Our Distinctive Approach to Harvesting

July 14, 2023

We concluded the first part of our harvest season with a yield of 3,557 tons of cereals on our sustainable farm. Watch the video showcasing the organic wheat harvest and learn how our unique approach to harvesting improves soil fertility and land structure.

We are excited about the successful conclusion of the first part of our harvest season. From barley in June to wheat, oats, durum wheat, spelt, and rye, our organic farm has thrived, yielding an impressive total of 3,557 tons of cereals. This abundant harvest is a testament to our dedication to sustainable farming practices and the exceptional quality of our organic crops.

As advocates of sustainable farming, we understand the profound impact farming methods can have on the environment. That is why we continuously strive to enhance our harvesting technology year after year. By integrating innovative techniques, we aim to optimize efficiency while minimizing any potential ecological footprint, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability.

One aspect that sets us apart from conventional manufacturers is our distinctive approach to harvesting. Unlike traditional practices that strip the land bare, we prioritize preserving the organic residues within our plots. We selectively harvest the grain itself, allowing the remaining organic matter to remain on the land. This intentional decision carries benefits for both soil fertility and land structure, nurturing an ecosystem where our crops can thrive.

To give you a closer look at our organic wheat harvest, we invite you to watch our video:

Experience the sights and sounds of the harvesting process to gaining a firsthand experience of the dedication and care that goes into producing each grain. Through this visual journey, you will witness our commitment to sustainable farming and our deep reverence for nature’’s wisdom.

Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that adopting responsible environmental practices is essential to shaping a better future. Our commitment to producing organic cereals is just one facet of our broader mission to promote sustainable farming. By implementing methods like crop rotation, natural pest control, and the incorporation of green manure, we employ a holistic approach that ensures the health and vitality of our farm and surrounding ecosystem.


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