Variety Trials: Which Crop Variety Grows Best?

Explore how we're selecting crop varieties that successfully grow in organic cultivation practices.

In October we initiated important screening trials in our trial plots located in Novi Kneževac. We sowed different varieties of winter wheat and winter peas on three trial fields aimed at identifying the best winter wheat and winter peas genotypes or varieties. These crops hold great importance to our model of sustainable organic production and were selected because they provide the most calories in our diets, and will thus continue being key to the future of food.

Embracing Innovative Technology

A noteworthy feature of this fieldwork is the deployment of the latest-generation Wintersteiger seed drill. This unique seeder caters to the simultaneous planting of various different genotypes or varieties on a single field, laying down the framework for what we refer to as ‘micro plots.’ This methodology ensures a precise experimental design carrier which together with statistical methods allows us to derive dependable conclusions.

Trial Fields for Identifying Best Cultivars

The primary goal of these field trials is pinpointing the most efficient winter wheat and winter peas genotypes or varieties in sustainable cultivation systems. This screening, we believe, is a step toward higher-yields in our sustainable farming efforts.

Sharing Knowledge

In the forthcoming seasons, we plan to continue with our screening trials design. We like to see ourselves as more than just a farm—rather a research hub steadily prioritizing the best varieties of crops and consistently sharing these findings with other farmers. We want to provide other farmers with insights into the methodology of determining the best varieties for their plots, thereby enhancing their sustainable production.

Stay tuned on our website for updates on our quest for the best crop genotypes.


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