Tracing Oats in Njamito all the Way Back to the Fields

With a simple QR code scan, customers can now trace the journey of LoginEKO oats all the way back to the fields where they were sown.

Comprehensive Traceability: Unveiling the Entire Journey From Seed to Fridge

We’re excited to share our first step in implementing a comprehensive traceability solution. By incorporating LoginEKO oats into our Njamito product, we’re enabling consumers to trace the origin of this ingredient from seed to fridge.

With a simple QR code scan they can now see where oats were sown, what the weather and soil conditions were, the seeds that were sown, production methods used, harvest, storage, production of Njamito, and its distribution.

Why Traceability Matters?

We believe that being transparent about where food comes from and how it is produced is essential for building trust. When consumers have access to information about the origins of their food and production methods used, they can make informed choices about the food they buy.

This isn’t about overwhelming consumers with information but giving them the power to choose based on what matters to them – whether it’s the source of the ingredients or the sustainability practices behind them.


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