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LoginEKO’s data-driven solutions for sustainable farming

April 25, 2023

LoginEKO took part at the event on data-driven solutions for sustainable farming and smart villages to present our solutions for the food system in Brussels end of April.

Discovering new opportunities for European farmers, innovators, and customers was the main purpose of the Brussels event organized by the European Parliament Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous, and Remote Areas on Tuesday in Brussels. Our Director for Strategic Partnerships, Žiga Vavpotič, took part to present LoginEKO’s solutions for the food system, from soil quality improvements to farm management software, and the novel healthy foods we have in the pipeline. The concrete and innovative solutions he presented were seen as steps in the right direction towards European agri-food policies that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable and secure food system.

The European Rural Agenda is a holistic framework to define policies aiming to build a sustainable future for rural communities in Europe. The event featured firsthand insight into new technologies and innovative solutions that will help Europe lead the way toward sustainable food systems. Harnessing technology to use limited natural and human resources most efficiently has never been more pressing and, fortunately enough, easier.

LoginEKO paves the way in many senses as Žiga presented. Participants were surprised to learn that we are the only large-scale farm that has its own software development, and the only software development team that has its own farm. This is a huge advantage that enables us to develop and constantly test our own Farm Management Software that will support our efforts to transform the entire food system – every step from farm to fork.  It will help farmers reduce complexity and costs, achieve traceability in case of a recall, certification, or subsidies, and shorten the development cycles targeting large-scale farms. That’s why it’s interesting not only to farmers, but also to policymakers and consumers since traceability is a base for developing and achieving any sustainability goals.

The event also touched upon other solutions that will render large-scale farming completely sustainable and economically viable. LoginEKO has pushed forward in this direction as well, for example with our simple and ready to use sustainable green manure models that we develop for large-scale farmers. This is again an important cornerstone in a transition towards a fully sustainable food system. Another step is our development of novel foods to revolutionize what we eat and make the shift to a sustainable and healthy diet in order to improve the whole food chain.

All the steps we take have the same aim – to work in symbiosis with nature and its processes to do what is healthy for the Earth and its inhabitants. The event was a good opportunity to present this to others and take further steps towards our shared visions and goals.


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