LoginEKO is now “BioSuisse Organic” certified

11th October 2022

LoginEKO successfully acquired the International Certification Bio Suisse AG (ICB AG), which certifies the farm’s tillage crops as BioSuisse Organic. This is another official recognition of our success with growing crops in a sustainable way.

This certificate proves that our farm is holistic (organic for the whole farm and for the whole product processing), respects biodiversity and animal welfare, rejects chemical-synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers, practices gentle processing, and is trustworthy and fair in its practices. Bio Suisse is the main organization of organic agriculture in Switzerland.

LoginEKO’s cereals, leguminous crops and oil seeds, fiber crops and other non-perennial crops are already certified under “EcoCert Organic Standard” following the EU Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, as well as an equivalent certification according to Serbian law.

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