A Journey to Sustainable & Future-Ready Farming Facilities

Embark on a journey, as we lead the way in developing cutting-edge spaces for sustainable farming.

Facilities in Novi Kneževac.

Established in 2018 in the fertile Banat region of Serbia, our company embarked on a journey of sustainable agriculture. We acquired 4,400 hectares of prime arable land across two sites: one near Novi Kneževac in the north and another near Zrenjanin in the south of the region. Initially, these sites presented challenges with outdated infrastructure and suboptimal working conditions.

In our pursuit to find suitable locations to establish our facilities, we encountered several hurdles in finding locations that aligned with our needs and strict safety standards, particularly regarding flood risks. Thanks to the invaluable support and understanding from local communities, we successfully met all conditions to begin construction on schedule.

Creating Future-Ready Spaces in Novi Kneževac

Planned facilities in Novi Kneževac.
Planned facilities in Novi Kneževac.

Our commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices extends to our premises.  Novi Kneževac will host a state-of-the-art hub for organic farming, including 22 specialized silos, a laboratory-equipped business center, housing facilities, and other infrastructure supporting ecological practices. This forward-looking approach will facilitate our crops’ traceability and optimal storage conditions for our future seed production.

Our facilities are being built in Novi Kneževac.

Our emphasis on premises’ suitability isn’t solely for meeting organic certification standards but extends to providing conducive working conditions, aligned with our values and commitment to social responsibility towards our team members.

Importance of Silos in Organic Farming

Organic production’s storage and handling differ significantly from conventional methods, and are crucial for ensuring full traceability of our crops.

Organic standards restrict fumigation and chemical use, necessitating the development of airtight silos. Crafting these impermeable storage solutions presented a challenge, but through innovative collaboration with our contractors, we devised a unique solution. Moreover, as part of our strategy to introduce a gluten-free production model in 2024, our facilities are being built to support this initiative as well.

Currently, we are renting silos in Kanjiža (near Novi Kneževac). These older facilities required significant upgrades and cooperation with the silo owners to meet the standards necessary for organic processing.

Archaeological Excavations on LoginEKO’s Farm

remnants of an ancient settlement
Remnants of an ancient settlement on our farm.

Despite construction delays and increased costs, we view this as a positive alignment with ancestral wisdom in selecting safe locations. We supported the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Subotica throughout the excavations. We finally started building in November 2023.

Construction commences.
Construction Commences in Novi Kneževac.

A Turning Point in Zrenjanin

Our quest to find ideal business sites in the south involved numerous challenges as we sought a location that met our needs. The breakthrough came in Aradac (a village within the Zrenjanin municipality), offering proximity to our fields and an opportunity for infrastructure development. Initially, the site required improvements, however it now boasts an office building, a hangar, and tents for machinery storage, establishing Aradac as a current cornerstone for our operations.

Beginnings in Aradac
Our beginnings in Aradac.

Facilities in Aradac.
Our current facilities in Aradac.

We are in the process of adding more hangars and expanding our office space. Additionally, in response to our growing need for more storage, we have begun designing new storage facilities.

Plans for Mošorin

Given our extensive farmland in Mošorin, located about 40 km from Aradac, and the frequent and potentially hazardous road traffic involving our farming equipment like tractors and combines, we have decided to seek a suitable site for our facilities here as well, aiming to enhance road safety and optimize our operations.

Planned facilities in Mošorin.
Planned facilities in Mošorin.

Our construction project here features a dedicated 1,700 m2 area for machinery, reproductive materials, and includes smaller offices, showers, and a canteen. Like our other sites, we plan to add scales, vehicle washing stations, and a water well, addressing the inadequate local infrastructure, which necessitates our investment in connecting to the public power grid as well. Additionally, we are considering alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, although environmental concerns surrounding their production and disposal remain.

Investing in Sustainable and Future-Ready Agricultural Facilities

We are committed to advancing sustainable organic farming and processing through strategic investments in state-of-the-art facilities. Our investment plan includes allocating €10 million to new developments in Novi Kneževec, €3.6 million to silo infrastructure, and €1.7 million for projects in Mošorin, with an additional €0.9 million already invested in Aradac. These investments focus on building infrastructure that is both environmentally sustainable and technologically sophisticated. Our facilities aim to facilitate crop traceability, enhance storage solutions for organic crops, and support organic and gluten-free farming. By ensuring a safe and efficient work environment, we are establishing innovative and sustainable agricultural spaces that are ready to meet both current and future demands effectively.



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