LoginEKO joins forces with Forum for the Future of Agriculture

LoginEKO partners with the Forum for the Future of Agriculture to foster dialogue on transformation towards a sustainable food system at the European level.

LoginEKO has partnered with the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in a concerted effort to promote a transition towards a sustainable food system in Europe and globally.

Leveraging the Forum’s extensive and diverse network, LoginEKO aims to drive dialogue and action on crucial topics such as global food systems, biodiversity, and climate change, thereby fostering a more resilient future in Europe and beyond.

The joint expertise and networks of LoginEKO and Forum for the Future of Agriculture serve as drivers for positive change in Europe’s agriculture and food sectors. Through collaboration and sharing best practices, they strive to advance sustainable farming and foster a more resilient, equitable food system.

As the partnership takes flight, LoginEKO will be represented by its founder, Samo Login, delivering an inspirational speech at the Annual Conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in Brussels on 26 March 2024.



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