Discussing Sustainability in Zrenjanin’s Historic Park

Špela Majcen Marušič Head of Public Affairs

Panel in Plank Park highlights sustainable farming practices and community engagement for a healthier future

In the heart of Zrenjanin, within the charming and historic Plank’s Park, the fourth edition of the “Healthy Living – Culture of Living” festival took place in mid-June. The “Sustainability Matters to Us” panel, organized by the “Healthy Living Association Zrenjanin,” gathered experts from diverse disciplines to discuss local approaches to improving quality of life through sustainable practices.

Zrenjanin event speakers

The LoginEKO speaker, Đura Karagić, showcased our model of sustainable food production that operates independently of any synthetic or animal inputs. He presented how our legume-based, low-input model relies on rich crop rotation to naturally supply essential nitrogen for plant growth and prevent significant plant disease challenges. This approach not only minimizes greenhouse gas emissions but also improves soil health, contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Zrenjanin event participants

The panel attracted over fifty participants from various areas, including Tai chi practitioners, students from the local agricultural high school, local media journalists, and small-scale organic farmers. This diverse audience reflected the community’s broad interest in sustainable living and the event’s impact on raising awareness about the importance of health and environmental care.



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