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Harvest Season 2023: Kickoff with Organic Barley

June 16, 2023

We're excited to kick off Harvest Season 2023 with the collection of our organic barley, free from harmful chemicals.

Starting yesterday, our team initiated the harvest process, which will continue over the next few days, weather permitting. We take you with us to the field during the most exciting time of the year, showcasing barley harvesting at our large-scale farm.

We carry out this process meticulously, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of organic production.
Witness the impressive capabilities of the Lexion 760 harvesters, which are equipped with seed terminators for effective weed control during the harvest.
Our organic approach not only guarantees a weed-free yield but also plays a crucial role in enhancing soil quality, ultimately optimizing land productivity.

We are anticipating a yield of 440 tons for the 2023 season. Our organic barley, free from harmful chemicals, is the product of a careful process that relies on natural farming methods. This approach ensures that we’re not only producing high-quality grain, but also contributing to a healthier planet.

Sustainable farming and providing healthy food for everyone are not just catchphrases for us. They represent our core mission and guide our operations.

This season, we’re thrilled to begin with organic barley, but our work doesn’t stop here. Join us on this journey of Harvest Season 2023, making a positive impact on our planet and our health, one harvest at a time.


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