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Keep Track of Field Operations via the Work Orders Mobile app for Farmers

June 21, 2023

Our latest addition of in-house software is the Work Orders mobile app, providing precise instructions and seamless data tracking for tractor drivers in the field - to optimize planning and execution processes.

Efficient planning and execution are crucial for success in agricultural activities. To simplify and optimize these processes, our team of software engineers develops innovative farming software solutions. One of our recent additions is the Work Orders mobile application. This app provides detailed instructions and information to tractor drivers for specific tasks, facilitating seamless data tracking throughout the task execution process.

The Planning Phase

Field operation planning begins before the planting season. With our intuitive Farming software, agronomists and operation planners can generate comprehensive task lists for each field using pre-defined crop templates. These templates cover activities such as land preparation, sowing, weed control, fertilization, scouting, plant protection, and harvesting.

Introducing the Work Orders Mobile App

When it’s time to execute the tasks in the field, planners use our Farming software’s task scheduling feature to assign operators to vehicles within available shifts. This information is then dispatched to the Work Orders mobile app, providing operators with all the necessary instructions to start and complete each task.

In the past, task assignments relied on paper forms and spreadsheets, leading to confusion and difficulty in maintenance. With our Work Orders mobile app, drivers receive work orders as soon as a task is scheduled, providing clear instructions and information such as vehicle details, location, field area, required materials, and designated shift.

Material Traceability and Quality Control

The app offers seamless material traceability, optimizing resource management. By integrating with our Warehouse system, drivers can request loading of materials for specific tasks, ensuring availability during operations. The app also enables accurate tracking of material transfers between vehicles and monitors the transportation of harvested products from field to storage. In the unfortunate event of contamination, our system can swiftly identify the originating fields, enabling timely actions to prevent further damage.

Enhanced Efficiency and Data Tracking

The Work Orders app not only simplifies workflows, but also enhances data tracking during drivers’ fieldwork. Drivers can conveniently record fuel consumption, machine hours, cultivated area surface, material usage, standstills, and repairs directly within the app. This data is stored in our farming software, enabling easy comparison between planned and actual results and facilitating better decision-making in the future.

Our farming software suite is still under heavy development, and when it’s ready, we’ll share it with the world for free! Stay tuned for more of its upcoming features. We believe it will be extremely helpful not just for farmers, but for the whole planet by allowing us to plan, organize, and manage everyday operations in a sustainable way.


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