Njamito – A Healthy Convenience Option – Now Available in Spar

The innovative, purely organic, and convenient meal in a bottle —Njamito— initially launched in Slovenia last October, is now available in Spar retail store chain.

Last October, Slovenia welcomed Njamito, an innovative take on fast food. This convenient, ecological, and healthy meal offers a healthier alternative for quick eating without the compromises that come with unhealthy fast food. Today, we are pleased to announce that Njamito is hitting the shelves of Interspar locations throughout Slovenia, including the Spar Online store and selected Spar outlets and will be initially available in more than 40 locations in the Spar retail chain.

Njamito: A New Take on Fast Food

Njamito represents an alternative to traditional fast food, offering a wholesome and healthy solution to busy schedules. With its unique combination of plant-based organic ingredients, Njamito satisfies hunger and nourishes the body. Consumers can choose from a variety of flavors, including Apple Pie, Strawberry Granola, Spinach Bowl, and Jaffa Cake. The expansion of Njamito into Spar stores marks a significant step, making this innovative and healthy meal in a bottle accessible to a wider audience of modern active people, who often have little time or energy to cook a proper healthy meal.

Ultimate Transparency

Complete traceability and transparency enable consumers to trace the journey of every ingredient in Njamito through a simple QR code scan, ensuring peace of mind with every sip.

For all ingredients full traceability from ingredients to consumers hands is transparently available. By introducing oats produced by LoginEKO we have taken our traceability to the ultimate level: from seed to fridge. Since our entire production of Njamitos on Spar shelves features LoginEKO oats, consumers can now trace the journey all the way back to the fields where oats were sown.

At LoginEKO, we believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices about the food they consume. In order to transform the entire food system into a sustainable one, we believe that consumers need to have options for convenient, healthy, and good food that is produced sustainably. By making Njamito available in supermarket chains, more people can now adopt a climate-friendly diet that is good for their health and the health of our planet.



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