Njamito Has Arrived: Welcome to the Era of Healthy Fast Food

An innovative, purely organic, and convenient meal-in-a-bottle called ‘Njamito’ has arrived on the Slovenian market in October 2023.

Young male holding bottles of healthy fast food.

This new product is entirely the fruit of Slovenian knowledge. A young multidisciplinary team developed the recipe based on in-depth feedback from consumers who participated in the development through sensory and other research. It is an innovation that combines ‘fast and healthy,’ and turns the concept of fast food inside out.

When health and fast food meet

The aim was to develop a quick and convenient meal without the compromises that come with unhealthy fast food. The main developmental challenge was to combine a healthy nutritional profile and a pleasant taste in one product, while keeping the ingredients as natural as possible, free from industrial components that are confusing to the average customer.
Njamito consists of plant and organic ingredients: pea proteins, whole grain oatmeal, real fruits and vegetables, spices, and nuts. This complete meal contains under 300 kilocalories and offers all essential nutrients: proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber. A single bottle contains 390 grams of thick liquid, and is a light meal that keeps hunger at bay for up to three hours. Those hungry for health can choose from four flavors: Apple Pie, Strawberry Granola, Spinach Bowl, and Jaffa Cake.

Njamito has no added sugar and is a source of dietary fiber. It is high in protein and low in fat, earning the highest Nutri-Score, an ‘A’ rating in the nutritional profile.

The ideal solution for busy everyday life

Njamito is intended for all those who, due to their dynamic lifestyle, often do not have the time or energy to prepare a full meal, but are still aware of the importance of a healthy and natural diet. People can now enjoy a balanced meal on the move, whether at work or during leisure activities. First and foremost, Njamito is intended for all those situations when we don’t have time, and are faced with a lack of healthy alternatives. Its purpose is to complement – not to replace – traditional family or social dining.

Real fruit and cutting edge technology

Njamito is the first product in its category on the European market that uses the latest high-pressure technology (so-called ‘HPP’) for durability instead of high temperatures. This allows preservation of the natural freshness of the ingredients, their natural taste, and vitamins to the greatest extent possible. Njamito stands apart with real fruits, vegetables, and spices, without added flavors or sweeteners, making it a true ‘clean label’ product.

The most advanced ingredient traceability in the food industry

In order to ensure complete transparency, Njamito provides consumers with access to the origin of all 26 ingredients used in the product, along with details on packaging and production processes through a QR code on the label. Each batch comes marked with a unique QR code, offering real-time information updates with every new production run. This user-friendly traceability system ensures easy access to accurate data about ingredient origins, even featuring a countdown timer for the product’s expiration date.

From this point of view, Njamito currently offers the most advanced traceability syste, which is at the same time very easy to use.

Where and When Can You Get Njamito?

Njamito is currently available in Slovenia, where we are also testing different distribution channels.

Starting today, Slovenian customers can order Njamito through the Njamito online store. Customers within a 6 km radius of central Ljubljana can enjoy fast delivery, while those located farther away can opt for personal pickup at Miklošičeva 16 in Ljubljana. Njamito can also be ordered through the Wolt delivery platform in Ljubljana. In its initial launch phase, Njamito is also available at Vegansko.si, with nationwide postal delivery.

A Challenging Communication Campaign

The Njamito launch is accompanied by a challenging communication campaign that quite frankly shows the background of the product, its values, and the people behind it. As part of this, it also transparently discusses the challenges that the team faced during development and production, and also dares to ask slightly more uncomfortable questions about food products. This gives the food industry a new player who will encourage other manufacturers to develop and offer better products for people and the planet.



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