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Njamito is Born: Traceability of a Name

July 26, 2023

Our ‘Meal in a Bottle’ product officially has a brand name. We call it ‘Njamito’ because it tastes great and is going to be legendary!

Creating a cool name is never easy and there is always a story behind it. Njamito’s story goes something like this: Once upon a time there was . . . OK, just kidding 🙂  It was actually last December when we kicked off our first bottle label tests …

We didn’t want to settle for blank test labels, because that would be boring. So we asked our designer to prepare a design mockup to test how the colors work on the label material. Back then we were still far from an actual brand name, but since we were designing a mockup label why not also come up with a mockup name? And what is the mother of all mockup names? Obviously, the tried and true is lorem ipsum. Being a bit too long, we ended up shortening it to “Lipsum.”

A few months later, so the story goes, we decided to present the first beta version of our Meal in a Bottle to the entire LoginEKO team at our team building event. The concept was that each team member would be surprised by a custom bottle with her/his name on it. So, we replaced ‘Lipsum’ with all the beautiful names represented in our team. The surprise worked and many people actually kept their bottle as a memento from the event.

In the meantime, our marketing team was hard at work to come up with the final name for the product. We tried to find something catchy, which would also express the values of our brand. After several brainstorming sessions and many suggestions, we settled on the name ‘Nakeat.’ Since one of our main values is transparency, we chose the combination of the words ‘eat’ (because we do food) and ‘naked’ (because we are fully committed to transparency and we have nothing to hide).

And the rest is history . . . Not. In every good story the hero goes through various quests and challenges. Our story was no different. In trying to protect the brand name ‘Nakeat,’ we were faced with objections from an American company with a similar name. Since our brand personality is definitely not a conflicting one, we decided not to fight for Nakeat and went back to brainstorming.

Amazing taste is what we tried to achieve, and our product has plenty of it. And so Njamito was born along with its playful vibes. No worries, the transparency part is still taken very much seriously!


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