Vibing and Flowing at the Floating Castle Festival

After months and months (and months) of developing our Njamito meal in the bottle concept, it was finally time to release it into the wild. And what better way to find out if it sinks or floats than at the magical Floating Castle Festival taking place on the outskirts of the wonderful Snežnik Castle.

We wanted to get the word out by giving away a limited amount of Njamito bottles before launching our webshop in October. The task was simple: mingle with the crowd, distribute 900 bottles, and see what festival-goers had to say. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they be surprised? Will they think it’s just another brand of yogurt, smoothie or protein shake?

We infiltrated the festival grounds with our subtly branded, but dashingly outfitted promo team who were told to keep cool so as not to ruin the casual and laid-back vibe which the organizers worked so hard to achieve.

But it wasn’t all easy-going – even between the three of them, distributing 900 bottles in one day proved to be no walk in the park. The bulk of the action was set to take place during lunchtime and dinner, but we quickly learned that people were eager to give Njamito a try anytime they had the chance.

Once we hit the road, things escalated quickly. At one point, it even seemed like everyone at the festival was walking around with a Njamito bottle in their hand. Our Chief Infiltration Officer was scanning the ground in ‘civilian’ clothing trying to gauge the situation. His goal was to subtly tease out valuable feedback from the festival-goers, asking what they were drinking, where they got it, and how they liked it.

The answers he got were better than we could’ve imagined. It seemed like everyone was pleasantly surprised by the taste, even if they couldn’t really describe it. Most people also said Njamito differed from a smoothie or a yogurt which can be considered a big plus given that the meal in the bottle concept is a novelty in our neck of the woods.

So Njamito passed its first real test with flying colors and entered the ‘real world’ with a bang. Most importantly, people got their hands on it, tasted it and started talking about it. The word is out and the message is spreading, and soon Njamito will start flowing and floating in the minds of everyone striving to eat better, richer and healthier food.



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