Utilizing an improvised trench silo: collection and fermentation of alfalfa

Have you ever wondered what fertilizers are used in animal-free sustainable agriculture? Learn from our experience with alfalfa.

We take you behind the scenes of our organic farm and showcase one of the crucial steps in our organic production – enhancing organic farming with alfalfa silage for green manure.

Watch as our silage harvester effortlessly mows and collects the second swathe of alfalfa, which serves as a vital source of nitrogen for our fields. By using alfalfa silage (this link will take you to the actual alfalfa field map in our Farming software), we eliminate the need for mineral or animal-based fertilizers, making our production truly organic.

This natural fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, provides excellent nourishment for our crops and enhances the quality of our vegetable production.

We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge with fellow farmers and gardeners like you. By implementing some of the techniques showcased in our video, you can improve the efficiency and sustainability of your own farms.

Watch now to discover the benefits of alfalfa silage and how it can revolutionize your organic farming practices.. Let’s grow together! 🌱💪



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