From Field to Table: The Success of Organic Oat Harvesting and Storage

Join our organic oat harvest to see how we have achieved impressive results by utilizing green fertilization and implementing organic storage methods.

The Power of Green Fertilization

In 2021, we took an innovative approach by fertilizing our oat plot with alfalfa, known as ‘green fertilizer.’ We are delighted to report that this decision has yielded good results. Our current harvest (this link will take you to the field map in our Farming software, where you can access key data from the actual oat harvest) has produced 4 tons per hectare, with a good hectoliter mass. This outcome underscores the effectiveness of green fertilizing in agriculture, highlighting its ability to enhance crop growth and productivity. Furthermore, it signifies that our land is nitrogen-rich, which is crucial for healthy plant development.

Organic Storage: Keeping Nature’s Goodness Intact

Following our successful harvest, we are committed to maintaining the organic integrity of our oats during the storage phase. We firmly believe in preserving the natural goodness of our crops without resorting to any chemical treatments. Instead, we rely on a time-tested method of lowering the temperature to inhibit the growth of storage pests and safeguard the quality of our grains.

The Role of Active Cooling

To achieve optimal storage conditions, we have repurposed an old concrete silo and transformed it into a facility that can be used for active cooling. By utilizing a Granofrigor device, we can effectively lower the temperature of the oats. This innovative cooling mechanism halts the development of storage pests, ensuring the minimization of weight loss and keeping oats free from infestation.

Bringing Our Oats to Your Table

With the completion of our organic oat harvest and the implementation of sustainable storage techniques, our premium-quality oats are ready to come to your table:

To learn more about our journey in organic crop protection and the valuable lessons we’ve acquired along the way, we invite you to explore the article “Keeping Bugs Away from Organically Stored Grain.” This blog delves into the various organic crop protection methods we have employed, shedding light on our experiences and discoveries. Discover more .



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