Agrotech Symposium: Spotlight on Precision Agriculture

Vladimir Višacki discussed advancements in sustainable precision agriculture, from field categorization to efficient machinery use.

During the 50th Symposium on Precision Agriculture in Serbia, our agricultural engineer Vladimir Višacki discussed the categorization of fields and efficient use of agricultural machinery. Using concrete examples and use cases from LoginEKO fields in Vojvodina, he presented opportunities to reduce energy consumption and production costs that make field operations more sustainable. 

Višacki explained how data can be utilized to categorize different types of fields in agriculture and determine the appropriate farming equipment. The concept involves applying advanced technology to tractors and tools on fields with greater potential for food production, resulting in cost and resource savings. This approach not only enhances efficiency by reducing fuel and energy requirements but also improves the quality of farming tasks, contributing to overall sustainability.

With this information, farmers can employ different technologies for plowing various fields, adjusting costs based on field classification determined by factors such as fuel usage, tractor performance, soil quality, and crop yield.



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