Sustainable Farming Takes Center Stage at #GrainCom24

LoginEKO championed sustainable farming, emphasizing innovation, precision, and transparency at the international conference with grain industry in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sustainability took center stage at this year’s GrainCom conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The opening panel focused on the Future of Farming, where Matej Gostiša, Chief Strategy Officer at the Login5 Foundation, and Đura Karagić, PhD, Senior Agronomy Lead at LoginEKO participated as speakers. They highlighted the urgency for a transition to sustainable farming practices and showcased innovative solutions to drive this transformation.

Joined by Dan Basse of Farm Foundation, Wijnand Sukkel of Wageningen University & Research, Bram Reijen of FMO bank, Jacques Pienaar of Commodity Insight Africa, and Turkay Tatar, Group CFO of Tiryaki the presentations and the panel set a tone for industry-wide dialogue on sustainable agriculture.

LoginEKO’s presentation unveiled a holistic model for sustainable food production, emphasizing seven key principles that challenge conventional farming norms. Đura Karagić underlined LoginEKO’s emphasis on precision farming through the utilization of advanced technology and telemetry data, and showed how LoginEKO solutions enable farmers to accurately estimate nitrogen production, optimize crop management, and enhance overall farm efficiency.

In the debate that followed, the speakers focused on several key topics, including comparison of yields in sustainable and conventional farming, financing and incentives for the transition, profitability of sustainable farming, and the role of transparency in the food system.

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