Insights from the International Seed Conference in China

Đura Karagić presented how low levels of oxygen can achieve complete control over pea weevils without compromising seed quality.

Our Senior Agronomy Lead, Đura Karagić, visited China in January, to engage with 2,000 participants, including 40 foreign seed specialists from 18 countries at the International Seed Conference

Karagić shared findings from the study titled “Efficient Management of Bruchus pisorum Infestation in Organic Pea Seeds under Controlled Atmosphere.” The research demonstrated that maintaining oxygen concentration below 2% for 24 hours achieves complete control over pea weevils without compromising seed quality. Additionally, he hinted at our next steps in research exploring the substitution of CO2 with nitrogen while reducing oxygen levels for a development of an even more environmentally friendly solution.

He also presented  LoginEKO’s overall operations and the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms  to master’s students at North-West Agriculture & Forestry University.

Đura Karagić during his presentation

Acknowledging the global shift towards sustainable agricultural practices, researchers delved into topics relating to various aspects of the global seed industry, including digital technology in agriculture, and precise data collection. The event also explored the significance of international collaboration, exemplified by Turkey and Pakistan’s seed production. A case study on Thailand’s trilateral efforts to transform mungbean into a cash crop highlighted the importance of collaborative approaches in agriculture.



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