Samo Login speaks at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture

LoginEKO founder Samo Login delivered an inspirational speech on the pressing issue of feeding a growing population sustainably, and solutions to achieve this.

inspirational speech Samo Login

At the Annual Conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in Brussels on 26 March 2024, Samo Login spoke to over 600 participants from all aspects of the agriculture and food system.

He explained how, driven by concern as a parent, the unsustainable trajectory of current practices in agriculture and food began to worry him to the point where he decided to dedicate the time he has left on this beautiful planet to developing solutions that will enable us to lead a more sustainable life.

“The future of our grandchildren depends on the decisions we make today. Let’s choose sustainability so future generations can enjoy this planet as we do.”

At the core of Samo’s speech was a reminder of how unsustainable crop production in conventional agriculture really is. With practices that deplete soil organic matter and pollute groundwater, we sacrifice future yields for increased yields of today. Additionally, our use of crops is highly inefficient. Eliminating protein intermediaries (i.e. livestock) and reevaluating biofuel production would lead to healthier, more sustainable food systems.

However, Samo recognized that societal and governmental inertia blocks progress towards a real transition toward a sustainable food system.

Let's make sure our future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet just as we do.

He continued by underlining some of LoginEKO’s solutions.

Sustainable staple crop production methods, focusing on organic practices, crop rotation, and innovative farming software for efficiency and traceability. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of providing healthy convenient food options such as Njamito, which prioritizes nutrient preservation and clean labeling, in response to the growing demand for convenient yet nutritious food. Finally, traceability solutions would build trust between the farmer and the consumer, trust within the food supply chain, and trust in that we are all working towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability isn’t just changing how we grow crops; it’s about transforming the entire food system. We need to get serious about it.

Samo remains committed to his mission: healthy food for everyone. And so, with a team of over 160 associates, he continues to develop sustainable solutions that will be freely shared with the world once proven effective in our tests.



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