Frontiers Journal publishes LoginEKO research on green manure

Using yield monitoring technology, researchers at LoginEKO gained insights into how green manure influences wheat yields in real-world agricultural environments.

Green manure at LoginEKO farm

A pioneering study written by LoginEKO agronomists and engineers was recently published in Frontiers (Frontiers in Plant Science), a world renowned scientific journal with a 5.6 Impact Factor and a 7.1 CiteScore.

The paper titled “Assessing Green Manure Impact on Wheat Productivity Through Bayesian Analysis of Yield Monitor Data” introduces a groundbreaking approach by applying Bayesian analysis to evaluate agricultural practices on large-scale production fields, rather than the more conventional small trial plots. This method has been specifically utilized to verify the effects of green manure on wheat yield using data collected from extensive agricultural landscapes during the 2020/21 and 2021/22 growing seasons.

The novelty lies in the scale of the evaluation, providing a broader and potentially more accurate reflection of agricultural practices across real-world farming conditions.

Utilizing advanced yield monitoring equipment, LoginEKO researchers gained insights into green manure’s effects on wheat yields in real-world settings.

The analysis revealed significant enhancements in yield outcomes across diverse landscapes, highlighting the positive influence of green manure on agricultural productivity.

The authors included a Python script in the appendix of the article to facilitate replication of the study’s findings and encourage further exploration within the agronomic community.

The study demonstrates that using green manure on large-scale farms can importantly contribute to the farm’s productivity while at the same time support a transition towards more sustainable farming practices. Marking a significant advancement in agricultural research, this research paves the way for more effective sustainable farming strategies globally.

Read the full article here: “Assessing green manure impact on wheat productivity through Bayesian analysis of yield monitor data”.



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