Discussing sustainable farming with young farmers

LoginEKO and young farmers in Slovenia are engaged in discussions about the future of agriculture.

In a gathering at the Agritech fair in Celje, Slovenia, our experts delved into the realm of digital agriculture together with young farmers.. 

Žiga Vavpotič, our Director of Strategic Partnerships,  introduced the story behind our mission: healthy food for everyone. Discussing with Anja Kastelic, President of the Association of Slovenian Rural Youth, they touched upon the future of agriculture that will inevitably be digital, and the need for a more sustainable production.

Matjaž Uršič, Head of Software Development Strategy, offered a live demonstration of our Farming software, providing a firsthand look at its capabilities.

Following the initial presentations, workshops zeroed in on hot topics in the agricultural arena: sustainability, transparency, digitization, and the reputation of agriculture.

This event, a part of the Agritech fair, kickstarted collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and debates about a forward-looking approach to agriculture in Slovenia—a much-needed initiative in the transition towards a sustainable agrifood system.


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