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Harvest 2023: 130 t
All gone! Traceability
Harvest 2023: 25 t
All gone! Traceability
All gone! Traceability
Harvest 2022: 287 t
All gone!
Sunflower Confectionery
Harvest 2023 Expected: 41 t
Harvest 2023: 5 t
All gone! Traceability
Harvest 2023: 138 t
Available: 135 t Traceability
Harvest 2022: 821 t
All gone!
Harvest 2023: 45 t
All gone! Traceability
All gone! Traceability
Harvest 2022: 611 t
All gone!
Harvest 2023 Expected: 25 t
Harvest 2023 Expected: 70 t
Harvest 2023: 4 t
All gone! Traceability
Harvest 2022: 1 t
All gone!

Proactive approach

Our entire 3.500 ha farm is included in the organic certification process, and all our crops are produced organically without the use of harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Committed to organic integrity we take a proactive approach to contamination risk prevention, and to avoid any possible risk, we made the decision to sell part of our organically grown crops without organic certificates. This includes crops from the fields we declassified and removed their organic status as a precautionary measure, as well as crops from fields where contamination have occurred.

The quantities presented on this page also include crops from the newly certified fields that are in the process of conversion (it takes two years to become fully organically certified).

Interested in buying our crops?

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