Senior Product Designer/Manager

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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We are looking for

an enthusiastic and responsible Product Designer/Manager to contribute to designing and prototyping innovative solutions for impactful, healthy food production. Notably, our unique approach involves testing software on our internal 4000 ha LoginEKO farm, generating valuable data and honest user feedback. This robust relationship ensures that our product-development team always has easy access to qualitative insights and data for making informed decisions.

Your role 

  • Understanding clients’ needs and gathering product requirements
  • Designing and prototyping new innovative products and features
  • Creating satisfying and compelling UIs and UX
  • Creating design assets that include, but are not limited to: graphic assets, wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, screen flows, prototypes, high-fidelity designs
  • Defining, developing, and implementing the overall product plan and contributing to the overall strategy and vision of making healthy food for everyone
  • Identify and suggest product and process improvements
  • Work on larger projects or handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Work in sync with Login5 Foundation’s values and vision

Your experiences and skills

  • Product designer/manager with engineering background and UI/UX designing skills
  • 3+ years of software product managing experience
  • 3+ years of software designing experience
  • Experience driving elements of the product development lifecycle
  • Ability to influence multiple stakeholders without direct authority
  • Ability to solve complex logical problems (e.g efficiently and accurately track produce down to its serial numbers during drying and cleaning processes)
  • Basic experience with database querying or advanced usage of spreadsheets
  • Lots of experience with usage of different designing or prototyping tools
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams
  • Positive, make-it-happen, lead-by-example attitude

Why join?

  • Contribute to transforming global food production for a healthier and more sustainable future while shaping product strategy and working towards providing accessible healthy food for everyone
  • Work in a dynamic team where your unique perspective is valued. Our innovative testing approach on our 4000 ha farm ensures a role that goes beyond traditional product management
  • Collaborate closely with internal customers, benefiting from their valuable domain knowledge and usage feedback, providing a unique advantage in informing decisions that positively impact our products