Senior Food Developer

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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We are looking for

experts in food product development to help us create products that are irresistible, healthy, and good for the planet. Changing the way we eat means changing the world, and we are ready to make this happen.

Your role 

  • Following new trends and conceptualizing attractive products
  • Developing and modifying new product formulations based on consumer feedback
  • Adopting product formulations for industrial level scale-up
  • Taking care of food safety compliance
  • Intensive collaborative work with other departments in food development and research
  • Work in sync with Login5 Foundation’s values and vision

Your experiences and skills

  • Senior Food Developer with experience and/or a passion for plant-based food
  • Good technical knowledge of raw materials and ingredients suitable for healthy plant-based food development
  • Knowledge regarding suppliers for key ingredients
  • Technical knowledge and a passion for creating new product formulations
  • Experience with industrial food production lines
  • Experience with food safety regulation compliance

Why join?

  • Organic plant-based food with full traceability is the way we roll
  • Clean label is the future
  • Combining nature and advanced technology can work wonders (think fermentation to create new exciting flavors)
  • And did we mention everything needs to be sustainable? But you already knew that, didn’t you?