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Simplifying Data Recording for Tractorists with Optical Character Recognition

July 4, 2023

Curious about how large-scale farms automate processes and track key values for tractorists and farm workers? Learn more about our new feature in the Work Orders mobile app, designed to efficiently collect data.

We’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to our Work Orders mobile application that simplifies the collection of data from operations performed on the fields. With the implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we have made it even simpler to enter the key values needed to accurately calculate the costs of field operations, reducing the time spent entering data to a few minutes for a full day of work.

The key values we track are fuel consumption, equipment working hours, operation coverage, and quantities of materials during transfers – and with OCR, equipment operators can enter them with ease. The feature scans and extracts the necessary data from the vehicle’s dashboard, reducing the need for typing and minimizing the risk of errors.

Our primary goal in implementing OCR is to quicken the process of entering data by automating as many of the required steps as possible, and we achieved that, making the data entry quick, precise, and intuitive.

The precision of our OCR feature may vary depending on the equipment and display types we support. Generally, we achieve accuracy levels above 90%, and in addition, users can easily retry by simply adjusting the camera angle until the correct value is shown. The biggest challenge we had was with 7-segment displays, but we continue to work on improving the OCR model to work seamlessly on all types of displays.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for the future development of our OCR feature. We aim to create a trained model specifically tailored to our users’ needs. This will further enhance precision and enable the detection of multiple values of interest simultaneously, ensuring even more accurate data recording.

In addition to OCR, we envision leveraging machine learning within our application for tasks such as crop and seed identification, pest and disease detection on plants, and plant counting. By incorporating advanced technologies, we strive to provide enhanced value and continuously improve the farming experience for our users.

With the introduction of OCR in our Work Orders app, we aim to provide tractorists and farm workers with a more efficient and accurate data recording solution. Our goal is to support them in effectively utilizing and maintaining their machinery, ultimately benefiting their farming operations.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to enhance our farming software and introduce new innovative features to further simplify the lives of farmers.


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