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LoginEKO Gains EU Market Traction by Selling 170 Tons of Organic-certified Spelt

December 6, 2022

So proud to announce that we sold our first batch of organic-certified spelt. Would you like to know where the buyer was from?

November 2022

Last week, LoginEKO sold its first batch of organic-certified spelt to a German buyer – a total of 170 tons from our 2022 harvest – and carried both EU-BIO and BioSuisse certificates.

This is the culmination of a couple of years of hard work and extensive agronomic research to take concrete actions to regenerate our soil, previously subject to the extensive use of synthetic fertilizers.

LoginEKO’s first sale of organic produce from the LoginEKO farm demonstrates that the solutions our agronomists are developing in our fields can indeed represent an important practical step for any farmer, including those with large-scale fields, to make a swift and secure transition towards sustainable agricultural practices.


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