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Introducing Our New Warehouse Software: Empowering Sustainable Organic Farming

June 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation – a comprehensive warehouse management system.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation – a comprehensive warehouse management system designed to revolutionize sustainable production of food by achieving full traceability. In addition to enabling efficient planning, scheduling, and field work tracking, we recognized the need for inventory and warehouse management, including tracking and overseeing work in the warehouse and processing activities. LoginEKO’s software now enables users to streamline operations, enhance data-driven decision-making, and promote transparency within the agricultural industry.

Catering to various users and with different activities

LoginEKO’s warehouse management system caters to various user roles, including agronomists, traders, warehousemen, warehouse managers, and finance personnel. Each user group benefits from specific features and functionalities tailored to their needs, such as monitoring inventory levels, tracking product stocks, managing warehouse activities, and facilitating seamless data exchange with bookkeeping software.

The warehouse software supports a wide range of activities, including material receipt from sellers, dispatch to buyers, inventory movements, packaging, and processing. It offers extensive inventory tracking capabilities, including serial number tracking, automatic merging of lots, detection of natural write-offs, and the ability to generate labels and delivery notes directly from the mobile application.

Moreover, it ensures high data integrity by facilitating automatic data transfer between the warehouse, field operations, and accounting systems. For instance, when dispatching materials to the field, a digital handshake is established with field machinery operators to automatically update their work orders. Additionally, the software seamlessly integrates with our accounting and finance systems, enabling efficient data flow and accurate financial reporting.

Why develop a warehouse management system and our own warehouse software in the first place?

Developing a warehouse management system enables :

  • Full Traceability: Ensuring trust and transparency with complete production traceability;
  • Real-time Inventory Control: Optimizing stock levels and reducing waste with accurate, real-time inventory management;
  • Error Prevention: Minimizing human errors and improving productivity through automated warehouse processes;
  • Efficient Work Processes: Streamlining workflows for enhanced efficiency and productivity;
  • Scalability: Supporting growth and increased productivity in agricultural operations.

There was also a wide range of key motivations behind our decision to develop our own warehouse software:

  • Full Control: We wanted complete control over warehouse data management, enhancing the agility and integration capabilities of our farming software solution.
  • Testing Farming Practices: Our own warehouse software enables us to quickly test and adapt farming practices, ensuring optimal results for sustainable food production.
  • Seamless Integration: The software allows for integration of data exchange with third-party farming software providers, facilitating a seamless flow of enriched warehouse data.
  • Overcoming Limitations: Developing our own software allows us to address critical aspects of our work without being constrained by limitations imposed by third-party software providers.

Last, but not least, recognizing the critical role of warehouse and processing in food production, we made it a priority to include these essential components in our solution as part of our commitment to promoting accessibility and sustainability. Moreover, we wanted to offer this as a free resource for all, which wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have a holistic solution, but worked with a third-party farming software provider.

Optimizing Efficiency with Web and Mobile Applications

Our warehouse software comprises both a web application and a mobile application. The web application handles office-related tasks such as order scheduling, inventory overview, and management. The mobile application empowers warehouse staff to manage inventory on the go, facilitating activities like receiving and dispatching inventory and processing tasks.

While our Warehouse MVP already offers impressive functionality, we have ambitious plans for further enhancements, including dedicated modules for managing yearly physical inventory counts, advanced processing order support, and expanded inventory types to include fixed assets, spare parts, and fuel.

Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming developments as we continue to innovate and support sustainable farming practices through our cutting-edge farming software.


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