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LoginEKO Renews Organic Standard

July 25, 2023

Discover how LoginEKO achieved the Renewed Organic Standard for our crops. Learn about our commitment to sustainability and consumer trust in our organic farming practices.

The Organic standard renewal reaffirms LoginEKO’s commitment to climate and environmental protection, soil fertility conservation, biodiversity preservation, and animal welfare. Our farm implements sustainable practices, ensuring the absence of harmful chemicals, GMOs, and adhering to transparent labeling for consumers.

Stringent Certification Process

The certification process included a comprehensive assessment carried out by Ecocert Balkan, Ecocert SAS’s Certification Body. The audit covered various aspects, including an in-depth examination of terrain, plot, and field hygiene. Additionally, the audit scrutinized crops in the fields, maps, documentation for traceability, sales and exports, harvest summaries from the previous season, the crop rotation from the spring, warehouse inspections, and warehouse sketches.

LoginEKO’s adherence to stringent standards was evident throughout the audit process. The certification team ensured that goods were adequately separated by status, and thorough checks were conducted on the company’s internal risk plan. The audit also examined the preparations and protective measures employed by LoginEKO to maintain the integrity of their organic products.

Extensive Range of Certified Organic Crops

The list of crops that have received the renewed organic standard certification in accordance with Serbian Law of organic production and EU Organic Regulation is impressive and extensive, covering a diverse range of cereals, leguminous crops, oilseeds, fiber crops, and more. LoginEKO’s cereals, leguminous crops and oil seeds, fiber crops, and other non-perennial crops are already certified under the Biosuisse organic standard for our 2022 harvest, and we are in the process of renewing it for this year’s crops as well. On our webpage, you’ll discover the certifications that underscore the integrity of our organic crops, affirming our commitment to sustainable farming and the highest quality standards. Additionally, our detailed traceability sheets offer a comprehensive view of our cultivation practices, allowing you to understand the care and attention we invest in nurturing each and every crop.



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