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Exploring Farms and Storage: The Warehouse Software Team’s Visit to Our Farm

July 10, 2023

Our Warehouse software team recently took part in an insightful visit to farms and warehouses near Zrenjanin during the harvest season. This hands-on experience allowed them to witness how our software seamlessly integrates into field operations and improves the storage process.

During their visit, the team observed field operations and familiarized themselves with the machinery, gaining valuable insights into the practical application of our software at harvest control checkpoints and within the warehouses. Engaging with users onsite, they received direct feedback and generated ideas for future software enhancements.

One of the key reasons for their visit was to observe in person the traceability of stored materials and products, to generate ideas and improvements for more streamlined agricultural production, processing, and storage systems. Leveraging the knowledge acquired during their visit, the team is committed to empowering users and making continuous advancements in the industry.

This immersive exploration has further reinforced our dedication to technological advancements in agriculture. By continuously evolving our software and collaborating closely with users, we aim to enhance productivity and efficiency, ultimately making a significant impact on the entire farming process.


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